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February 2, 2018 Update

The Transition Team is currently working their way through the Membership Roles, and conducting one-on-one interviews. 
They are planning a Heritage/History Event, which will take place on March 4th, following ONE especially JOYFUL Worship Service led by the Youth and Children at 9:30am.  Watch for more details about that day!
October 13, 2017 update: 
Pastor Barbara has been with us now for two and a half months.   We are getting to know her and she is getting to know all of us! 
The Transition Team members have been selected and have begun to meet. 


Pastor Barbara Berry-Bailey, our Interim Pastor, joined us on July 30, 2017, and we are blessed to have her with us! 

We are now in the process of forming the “Transition Team”.   


Pastor Barbara Berry-Bailey, our Interim Pastor, will be with us the weekend of July 15-16 for some “Meet & Greet” time. 

She will be at the Millcreek Cyn. picnic on Saturday, and will join us for Worship and the Café on Sunday. 

She will leave the state for a prior commitment and return to preside at her first service on Sunday, July 30! 

Join us as we welcome her to the OSLC family!

The Church Council conducted a telephone interview with
Pastor Barbara Berry-Bailey, the pastor suggested by Synod,

and agreed unanimously to ask her to be our Intentional Interim Pastor.

She accepted, and will be here to preside at her first service on Sunday, July 30!

We are excited to meet and share ministry with her!

On June 11th, Pastor Sarah (RMS/ELCA) worshiped with us, and then held a Q & A presentation.  The relationship between Our Saviour’s and the Synod will be more pronounced during this transition time to achieve two goals:
  • a new and deepened sense of identity. 
  • a healthy relationship with the new Pastoral leader.

Transitions offer critical opportunities for reflection that contribute to the long-term health and vitality of the congregation.  Making progress requires that congregations mobilize discovery, and generate the capacity to thrive in new ways.  Our five developmental tasks will be:

  • Coming to terms with history
  • Discovering a new identity
  • Imagining a new future
  • Rethinking denominational connections
  • Commitment to new leadership

The process of calling a permanent Pastor will take 8 – 18 months.

Where we are right now:
The Synod has given us the name of a potential Interim Pastor. 
  • The Council will interview the candidate to determine if s/he is a good match. 
  • The Council negotiates time frame and compensation package with the interim pastor.
  • The congregation contracts with the pastor, but the call comes from the Synod Council.
  • The intentional interim pastor signs a contract stating that s/he will not pursue or accept the call to the congregation.
  • The intentional interim usually starts 2 – 4 weeks after the current pastor officially leaves.
    • Supply pastors fill in during this time.
Once the intentional interim Pastor arrives:
S/he will maintain the regular ministry of the congregation and guide the congregation through the self-study process, during which time we will:  
  • Reflect on who we have been –
    • Recognizing old patterns in the past so that you can move beyond them.
    • The narratives of the past, richly shared, can enliven the present and future.
    • Naming the past allows you to choose a new future.
  • Discern who we are now –
    • Who are we, really?
    • Who is our faith community, individually and collectively?
    • What does our neighborhood look like?
    • What are our current assets, gifts and abilities?
    • What are our blind-spots?
  • Listen to where God is calling us.
    • Who is God calling us to be?
    • How do we participate in God’s kingdom in this place?
    • How do we use our assets, gifts and abilities to make new possibilities?
    • The future starts to shape one’s being and actions in the present.
Because of the breath and depth of work during this process, Synod recommends that we form two separate committees:
  • The Transition Team will focus on:
    • Community building
    • Self-study
    • Mobilize discovery
    • Assess and organize the current structures of the congregation
    • Constitution
    • Staffing
    • Policies and procedures
    • Financial stability
    • Write the Transition Report
    • Articulate a new vision and purpose for the congregation
  • The Call Committee will:
    • Complete the Ministry Site Profile (MSP) using all the information gathered from the Self-study and Transition Report.
    • Research and explore possible candidates
    • Interview potential candidates
    • Recommend the best candidate to the Council.
  • Finally!
    • Council negotiates with the candidate regarding salary, etc.
    • Congregation votes to call the candidate.

Pastor Sarah Moening, Assistant to the Bishop (Rocky Mountain Synod) will join us for Worship on June 11th at 9:30am to share with us the process of calling a new Pastor to serve Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.  She will help us select an Intentional Interim Pastor, whom we hope will join us mid-July. 

During the period where the intentional interim Pastor position is not filled, three entities of OSLC will represent the leadership channels to support staff and/or congregants as follows:

1.    Steve Johnson, Chair of the Personnel Committee, will be the point person for Personnel/human resources support for staff.

2.    John Hanks, Congregation Council President, will attend weekly staff meetings and work with the staff on daily/weekly activities that support worship services and other church functions.

3.    The Executive Committee of the Congregation Council will continue to address ideas, concerns, etc. of a broader nature that staff or congregants may have. This committee meets monthly and its members include the Council President (John Hanks), Vice President (Bizzi Drinkhaus), Treasurer (Bob Ricci), and Past President (Steve Degn). 

You can read Pastor Jeff’s retirement letter to the church council: Our Saviour Retirement Letter-Pastor Beebe.