This page will serve as a way to keep you updated as we move into this “Time Between Pastors”. 
You can read his retirement letter to the church council Our Saviour Retirement Letter-Pastor Beebe.

Pastor Sarah Moening, Assistant to the Bishop (Rocky Mountain Synod) will join us for Worship on June 11th at 9:30am to share with us the process of calling a new Pastor to serve Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.  She will help us select an Intentional Interim Pastor, whom we hope will join us mid-July. 

During the period where the intentional interim Pastor position is not filled, three entities of OSLC will represent the leadership channels to support staff and/or congregants as follows:

1.    Steve Johnson, Chair of the Personnel Committee, will be the point person for Personnel/human resources support for staff.

2.    John Hanks, Congregation Council President, will attend weekly staff meetings and work with the staff on daily/weekly activities that support worship services and other church functions.

3.    The Executive Committee of the Congregation Council will continue to address ideas, concerns, etc. of a broader nature that staff or congregants may have. This committee meets monthly and its members include the Council President (John Hanks), Vice President (Bizzi Drinkhaus), Treasurer (Bob Ricci), and Past President (Steve Degn).