OSLC COVID-19 Community Support Initiative

To fulfil the mission of OSLC by helping to take care of individuals and organizations impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions.
Strategic Plan
The COVID 19 pandemic poses unique challenges when looking for ways to help impacted community members. As opposed to natural disasters of the past, this one calls for a decrease in in-person interaction with the community, instead of an increase.  As such, the most efficient impact will come from helping organizations already interacting with individuals, thus limiting overall exposure.
This plan will allow us to help those in need as best we can, while not contributing to the spread of COVID 19, to allocate resources to organizations most in need, and those most able to help members of the congregation and the community.
This plan calls for thee action items:
Support of organizations best equipped to help those impacted by COVID 19.
Re-affirm our commitment to organizations who we already have relationships with.
Properly meeting the needs of our staff and communities needs during this time.
What OSLC Will Do
  1. OSLC will commit $11,000 over three months to three organizations within our community who are helping those most impacted by COVID 19. Those organizations are:
    1. Utah United Way COVID 19 Relief Fund
    2. Fourth Street Clinic Humanitarian Fund
    3. Utah Food Bank Mobile Pantry Program
  2. For organizations OSLC already has a relationship with, we will commit to give based on no less than 2019 averages, not on 2020 giving (which is likely to decrease). Also, OSLC will explore additional volunteer opportunities, unique to each organization
  3. OSLC will commit to paying its staff what it has previously committed to, regardless if they are able to work those hours, and
  4. OSLC will develop a robust referral system, in preparation of meeting all the unique needs of the community that may arise from this time of crisis.
What Individuals Can Do
  1. Prayer! – Continue to hold our community, church, and impacted individuals in prayer.
  2. Support OSLC – Any general giving towards OSLC will go towards the later two action steps of this initiative: supporting OSLC’s ongoing ministries, and continuing to properly pay our staff.
  3. Support the Initiative – Anything given towards this initiative will go 100% towards one of the three organizations listed above.