Rooted in our past – Embracing our future


Oslc Altar

Throughout our history as a congregation, we have been a place of hospitality, community support and connectivity in the name of our relational Triune God . We joyfully embrace all people whom we encounter on our journey. Over the past 60 years, these gifts and strengths have allowed us to draw from the well of God’s love and grace. It is these same gifts and strengths that propel us into the future.


Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church does not shy away from being at the forefront of transformation and renewal in our ministries. We know that just as the seasons change, the world around us changes and our community’s needs evolve through time. We unabashedly strike out on new ventures in the name of the gospel, such as founding Family Promise. We take seriously the voices of those in our midst who might not be heard in our broader culture.


This is once again a time of being renewed at Our Saviour’s, and not for our own sake. Renewed by all that God has given us, we look to take the next step of revealing God’s kingdom in this time and place. With expectant hope, we see the opportunities that God has put before us and boldly walk with Jesus. Excited by the new opportunities and rooted in our vision,
 “To be a vibrant, caring congregation that brings God’s love to the community. We seek to be a Spirit filled church where all ages build relationships, worship, learn, serve and play,”

we have selected initiatives that move us into the future.


Generosity Goal

To grow in generosity by $27,000 or more in new offerings throughout 2021.
To truly reach out and care for all in this manner, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church seeks to deepen and strengthen our ongoing ministries as well as expand our vision to new opportunities to serve our neighborhood, broader community and world.
Our goal is to grow in our generosity and giving at OSLC by $27,000 ($519/Week) or more in new offerings throughout 2021. We are excited to share with you how those additional gifts will be invested.

Renovation of Restrooms

$10,000 ($192/Week)
In 2013 architectural plans were drawn for remodeling the west wing. Included in those plans were new restrooms that would be ADA compliant. We hope to have those plans updated to provide ADA and unisex/family facilities for all. Our goal for our 2020 Generosity Sunday, on November 15, is to increase gifts and offerings by $27,000 with $10,000 being used to update the restroom facility plans and plumbing estimates for implementation.
Process will be done in two phases – first year will identify what is necessary for plumbing and building codes, type of toilet rooms and fixtures required and cost of project. We will accommodate people with disabilities:
  • Provide accessible path of travel to ADA restroom
  • Provide adequate room for turning space and appropriate fixtures, etc.

Phase II will be the actual construction and completion of the project.


Digital Presence

$10,000 ($192/Week)

60 years ago the founders of OSLC had the vision to build a physical presence in this community. Our building has become a focal point of meeting, ministry, and worship.


Even as we honor the vision of those courageous founders and the change they brought to the Salt Lake Valley, we recognize our obligation to continue in that spirit as we embrace the future.
In response to the dramatic changes in our social interaction and gathering in this last year, we recognize that we need to increase, improve and broaden the methods that we use to communicate. As we are reaching out beyond the walls of our sanctuary, we have to be intentional about how we present ourselves and what opportunities we offer in digital spaces. This Digital Presence Ministry requires many things:
  • Cameras, audio equipment, software, computers, speakers, digital instruments … the list is long and may include items that we have not yet imagined!
  • most importantly, PEOPLE! People with these gifts and talents to share are vital as we go forward.

Playground Accommodations


With the installation of our Little Library and Roma’s Playground, ideas have arisen ideas for the “completion” of this area:                             

  • A bench beside the Little Library so that anyone may retrieve a book, make a choice, sit, and read.
  • Two or three picnic tables for the congregation and community using the playground, Little Library, or just having family  time.
  • A fence to surround the playground – for the safety of those using the playground (littles are fast!).                   


A planning team is being established to research the costs of all these items which is estimated to be about $13,500. If you are interested in being on this committee, please contact Susan Rodriquez at