We give thanks for God’s Generosity!

We are grateful for God’s promise to provide abundantly. We respond to God with our own generosity. Thank you for supporting the mission and ministry of OSLC.
After you click on the Donate button, you will see a drop down menu of choices to donate to. If your designation is not shown on the drop down menu, please contact us to let us know your preference.
Thank you for your donation!

Generosity GoalOSLC Annual Stewardship Generosity Goal

Our goal is to grow in our generosity and giving at OSLC by $27,000 ($519/Week) or more in new offerings throughout 2021. We are excited to share with you how those additional gifts will be invested.
Donations can be debited automatically from either a checking or savings account. If you are not currently set up to donate electronically, simply download, complete and return the authorization form to the church office or Financial Administrator.
Make sure to download the Electronic Authorization Giving Form before filling it out, and save it as a new file before submission. The PDF will not save any information entered prior to downloading it.
If you are giving from a bank or brokerage account, you will need to request that your name is included on the check or the statement to prevent any delay or confusion in processing your gift.
Questions? Contact the OSLC Finance Administrator.
(801) 278-1412